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Success Story - Linda B.

Whenever you call the NOWCAP Services office in Casper, you’ll probably be greeted by the voice of Linda B, NOWCAP Services’ receptionist.  Linda is also a participant in NOWCAP Services’ programs.  She is an excellent example of what one can accomplish when they put their mind towards success. 

Linda faced challenges all her life with diabetes and with keeping up with her peers, but has always managed to meet the goals she set for herself.  On April 6, 2001 (a date Linda remembers well), Linda completed her adult education courses at Casper College and received a diploma.  She is very proud of that date and feels it is one of her greatest accomplishments.  About a year later, Linda was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but that hasn’t stopped her from living a fulfilling and purposeful life.  2005 proved to be a pretty significant year for Linda, as well, in more than one way.  First, that’s when she met Frank Barrett, the man she would eventually marry.  Secondly, that’s when Linda began receiving services from NOWCAP Services and started down the road to success as a professional receptionist, which Linda now says is the best job she’s ever had and another one of her biggest accomplishments.

On May 10, 2008, Linda married Frank.  Frank and Linda have a loving marriage and have their own apartment.  The couple recently purchased a newer vehicle, and paid off their home computer, another big goal for Linda.  She works hard on improving her computer skills and enjoys playing computer games.

Linda also received the Participant of the Year Award for the Casper program in 2008.  Linda was well deserving of this award and we are all very proud of her.  She has truly come a long way and presents herself with great confidence and dignity.
Success Story - Matt C.

Matt C was born in 1978 in Green River, WY.  By the time he was three, he still wasn't talking, didn't assist with putting on clothing and was having erratic sleeping patterns.  Matt would sit for hours on end in a swing and seemed to be in his own world.  Matt was diagnosed with Autism.  In early 1983, the family decided they needed to do something different and with advice from others, the family decided to place Matt, now four, at the Wyoming State Training School in Lander. 

After a few years, Matt was able to return home.  The family wanted to be together again and his step-mother, Susan was dedicated to helping Matt succeed.  She worked diligently with him, and within about a year's time, she had him toilet trained, he was eating on his own much better and was helping to get himself dressed.  Matt did, however, continue to display erratic, loud behaviors and struggled in school and with service providers.  He just didn’t seem to be at peace and it was difficult to get him to calm down.

In 2005, when NOWCAP Services opened their office in Rock Springs, Matt began receiving supports almost immediately.  In October of 2006, he moved into NOWCAP Services’ supported living home, where he now lives with four other roommates.  Matt has come a long way and we continue to see improvements in him every day.  Matt is now calm and the behaviors he used to display on a daily basis have almost completely subsided.  The Direct Care Professionals in the Rock Springs program have worked diligently with him and Matt is now happy with his life.  Every decision his family makes revolves around Matt and they are very happy with their decision to become part of the NOWCAP Services family.  Gordon says he has longed to see his son at peace, and it is a relief to know he’s finally found it.  We’re grateful we were able to help provide peace for Matt and his family.
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