Hire Someone with a Disability


NOWCAP Services offers many different resources for job seekers. BrianWorking

As an Employment First organization, the goal of NOWCAP Services is to assist all individuals with disabilities, or other work barriers, in finding employment that best fits their interests, capabilities, needs and wants.

At NOWCAP Services, we believe that having a job is the foundation to a person’s self-worth. Whether it is someone who is recovering from an injury received on the job, or a high school student who is joining the work force for the first time, we want everyone to know that we can assist them in developing their wants and needs into a career pathway.

NOWCAP Services partners with many different local and state-wide agencies.  And, through these partnerships, we are able to provide diverse employment resources and opportunities.

NOWCAP Services has relationships with many employers who have successfully employed people with disabilities. This network provides opportunity across the State of Wyoming for any job seeker.


 If you are interested in hiring someone with a disability or obtaining more information, contact:



Renate Pullen

Executive Director

(307) 233-0403




Roy Lloyd

Community Services Director

(307) 382-2683