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Together everyone
achieves more!

NOWCAP Services values the positive relationships we foster within the communities we serve.

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The benefits of working when you have a disability.

* The earnings you make while working can affect your Social Security.

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You contribute something meaningful to something larger than yourself through your work and this can help you feel like you have accomplished something important.

Take the next step!

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We are social creatures who crave a sense
on belonging. When you are working towards common goals with co-workers you feel a sense of belonging.

Have you ever considered?

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Your sense of identity and self-worth can be enhanced through meaningful work. Even if you only work a few hours, you are giving of yourself and this feels good.

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We offer nationally accredited supports to adults and children 17 and older with all types of disabilities in Natrona, Converse and Sweetwater counties. Contact one of our offices today for more information.

345 North Walsh Drive
Casper, WY 82609

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Rock Springs
79 Winston Drive, Suite 136
Rock Springs, WY 82901

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